Suzhou Industrial Park Hongrun Rural Small Loan Ltd.,Co (Hongrun Loan) was approved by the Financial Office of the People's Government of Jiangsu Province in Suzhou. The company was registered with an initial capital of 300 Million RMB, by Jiangsu Longliqi Group as the main sponsor and 7 other companies

Hongrun Loan aim for the improvement of life condition of farmers in rural area, provide a financial platform for SME so enable them benefit loans in a very fast, flexible and convenient manner.


Microcredit    Based in the Industrial Park

Refers to Agriculture, Farmer and Rural Issues    Serve Urban and Rural Areas

Microcredit——Small Amount Cash Loans, our clients are mostly small and medium enterprises, individual and commercial households.

Hong Run Loan has ensured that more than 70% of the loan balance is controlled and less than 4.5 million RMB, at the same time ease and help SMEs solve their problem of short-term working capital and turnover problems.

So, if you are a small and medium enterprise (in China) and you are having unexpected financial difficulties and want to solve them as soon as possible, contact us and discover how we can support, help your business do better.

Based in the Industrial Park——Personalized service, business support and guidance.

Relying on the economic development advantages of Suzhou Industrial Park, targeted loans are designed according to their innovation efforts, forming characteristics, active service in the industrial park by SMEs, particularly agricultural businesses, so to further contribute to the sustained and healthy development of the Park.

Refers to Agriculture, Farmer and Rural Issues——Improve farmers' and rural areas life conditions.

The expression ‘’ The Three Issues ‘’ refers to the issues of agriculture, farmer and rural area in China. We help farmers expand their business scope; increase their production capabilities by improving their operational method at the same time promote the credit system.

Serve Urban and Rural Areas——Low income groups and micro-enterprises.

Our goal in this section is to provide mass financing channels, solve the difficult problem of loans to help active agricultural economy, increase farmers' income.

Operational Characteristics:

Small investment            Conveniency             Flexibility             Marketization

Small investment——Risk control ensured with simple procedures and easy operation. We are constantly improving our operation system so to be able to satisfy the short-term liquidity needs of small and medium enterprises, individual industrial and commercial households.

Conveniency——There are sufficient facts to determine that the loan can be returned on time, the lender has no significant risk to get the loan, in three working days for approval, to ensure timely funding needs of customers.

Flexibility——1、SMEs, Individual, as long as they meet the eligibility criteria, all may have the right to apply for a loan;  2、Flexible Loan Guarantee, mortgage, pledge, credit etc. all acceptable;  3、Customers can apply for credit, loan guarantee and use the unified credit line.

Marketization——Market is a necessary condition for sustainable development of the microfinance sector. In this area, we based on market supply and Loan demand analysis. We guide and recommend our customers on how to better implement different measures of the industry and help them promote their.


Business Type:

Product 1: Microcredit

1、Introduction: Loans to SMEs to meet the short-term funding needs.

2、Characteristics: Simple procedures and strong capacity for timely payment.

3、Description: Third party strong guarantee, Priority mortgage.

Product 2: Open Loans

1、Description: is a private lending intermediary website service with state-owned background. "Online" the borrower releases supply of demand for funds information, the lender bid; ‘’ Offline ’’ a small loan company provide pre-loan investigation, loan guarantees and other services.

2、Characteristics: In 2013, Our Stockholders fully reinforced the operating management and all our Small Loan Companies in provinces was rated AAA. We guarantee we can effectively increase the borrower's credit rating, protect the lender's financial security.

3、Description: Third party strong guarantee, Priority mortgage.

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