Longrich Suzhou Eastern Logistics

Longrich Suzhou Eastern Logistics is a RMB 15 Million RMB investment joint-venture company which was set up in January 2006 in Suzhou by Jiangsu Longrich Group Co., Ltd with Hong Kong Eastern Logistics Group Co,Ltd.

Service scope:

Main Services

·  Domestic(China)truck transportation

·  General cargo transfer and loading

·  Warehousing and distribution center management 

·  City Delivery 

·  Freight forwarder 

·  Provide one-stop supply chain solution

Value-Added Business:

·  Order Processing

·  Cargo acceptance procedure

·  Warehouse repacking process

·  Cargo Insurance Agent

·  Recycling, Replacement, etc

Provide Third Party Logistic Management and Planning Advice:

·  Integrated logistics design solutions 

·  Market logistics cost analysis 

·  Best operational mode 

·  Personalized logistics system

Provide Professional Logistics Management Training:

·  Enterprise management personnel training 

·  Logistics operator training ( basic level )