Product News
Author:   DATE:2015-07-12   HOT:9133

Longrich Energy Pot was created by using the technology of physical "field synergy" effect with China’s intellectual property rights, and its core technology is "Sixty-four Harmonious column matrix", AKA "Harmonious energy" generation system, which is the exclusive innovation of China with world leading technology. The system’s working principle is that it can spontaneously generate resonance to automatically gather, enhance and amplify the weak and disorderly energy in space, and integrate them into the a new energy field, this phenomenon in physics is called the "field synergy" effect. As the technology is from the traditional Chinese "Tai Ji philosophy", the new energy field was named "Harmonious Energy Field" by the Science and Technology Daily, the official media of the Ministry of Science and Technology of China in 2006.

According to the function test report of animal experiment by the Institute of Nutrition and Food Safety of the Chinese Academy of Disease Control and Prevention in 1997, the oxygen content of blood increases and the body’s resistance against hypoxia, fatigue and diseases is enhanced in the environment of "Harmonious energy field". The technology has received the patents of seventeen countries, including China, the United States and Russia, and was awarded the "Green Medicine Contribution Prize for Human" by the World Association of Natural Medicine.

Characteristics of Longrich Energy Pot:

The smell of fish or mutton can be removed in Energy Pot during cooking without using ginger, onion and cooking wine.

The food cooked in Energy Pot for a long time remains fresh and tender.

Soup cooked in Energy Pot is clear and does not taste greasy.