Aika eye funds
Aika eye funds
Author:   DATE:2014-05-21   HOT:15496

On May 21st 2014, tens of volunteers from Longrich Loving Foundation• Longrich Loving-family Ophthalmology and doctors from Lixiang Eye Hospital visited Jinan Shao’er Primary School to examine and offer free treatment to children with strabismus or amblyopia.

Longrich team distributed some personal and healthcare products including Eau de toilette, body wash, and soaps. In addition, two Ping-Pong tables were bought for the children. Furthermore a brief donation moment was organized as to support the school and all the children. 

As yet, Longrich Loving-family Ophthalmology has already helped over 80 children recover from strabismus. Mr Xu Peng, the GM of Longrich Shandong Branch also assisted in the event. << Our children are the future guarantor of this nation and their eyes the window of their hearts. We believe that it is essential to give to them all the necessary support they need, in order to help them realize their dreams >> he commented.  

After the donation ceremony, volunteers and doctors spent the whole day examining the children’s sight, especially those with poor sight. Many children’s sights have been getting poorer and poorer because of being addicted to TV programs; many students with poor sight are doing homework in wrong sitting positions, though wearing glasses, no further examination has been conducted ever since. Ms. Chen Yu, the doctor from Lixiang Eye Hospital, said that a sight examination instrument will be used to further examine children with a sight poorer than 0.6; for children with strabismus or amblyopia, it is better for them to get early treatment in case of missing the best curing period.

According to the headmaster of the primary school, parents of many school children work out of their hometown, as a result, their children receive little family education especially in how to use eyes properly and thus they are not aware of protecting their sight. Therefore Shao’er Primary School calls for help from companies like Longrich to carry out comprehensive sight examination of children and offer them free treatment.